90 Gallon Mixing Tub: [This Is The Best On The Market]

A Thorough Tuffstuff KMM98 Aquaponics Tub Review

Looking for a 90 gallon mixing tub? Well, As a self-proclaimed handyman, I can tell you that there are several tools that I deeply rely on every day. Not only are these tools completely necessary in order for me to do my job, but they also make my job easier. One of these tools is the Tuffstff KMM98 Aquaponic Tub. I remember one job where it can in extremely handy. I was pouring a backdoor patio for one of my friends and this wasn’t your average patio. The patio extended almost the entire length of the home, which was rather extensive. Without the ability to pour and mix so much concrete at one time, I would have been stuck on this job for days. However, thanks to this amazing tub I could mix and pour large amounts of concrete at one time. This really shaved a lot of work and time off the project. You can check it out on Amazon here Tuffstff KMM98 Aquaponic Tub

Hold 90 Gallons Of Material

This 90-gallon, 12 cubic feet all-purpose mixing tub allows you to mix up to 90 gallons of concrete or mortar at one time. While this product is extremely useful when it comes to mixing concrete, it can also be utilized for a wide range of other tasks. For instance, you can use it as an aquaponics tub, hydroponics tub, or you can even utilize it to hold water or cattle feed on a farm.

100% Recycled

One of the best things about the Tuffstuff KMM98 Aquaponics Tub is the fact that it is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. If you’re an environmentally conscious individual, you’ll absolutely love this tub. When you buy this tub, you can protect the environment and still get exactly what you need. The plastic might be recycled, but it is still immensely durable and more than capable of resisting impacts. It is definitely suitable for mixing concrete.

Other Uses

  • Can hold water or feed for cattle and horses
  • Can be used as a planter
  • Makes a great small pond liner
  • Suitable as a cooler for outdoor events
  • Great for giving animal baths

Customer Impression

When this 90 gallon mixing tub landed in my hands, I knew it was durable and built to last. The material is very tough and could easily take a beating, while still being usable. Plus, it is clear that the versatility of this tub is nearly endless. If you need something that can hold water and withstand Mother Nature, this tub is for you. The only downside is the tub’s weight. I was really surprised by how heavy it is. You’ll certainly need a little help hauling it from location to location.


All in all, the Tuffstuff KMM98 Aquaponics Tub is definitely a great investment for those working with concrete. The tub is big enough to hold a lot of concrete and it’ll stand up to the elements. It is a little heavy and pricey, but it is certainly well worth it. When you’re not mixing concrete, you can always use the tub for another purpose. As long as you use your imagination, you’ll always be able to find something to use it for! That makes it well worth the investment. You can find it on Amazon here Tuffstff KMM98 Aquaponic Tub


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