How to Age Concrete Planters [Step By Step Guide]

How to Age Concrete Planters

Aged concrete planters will without a doubt breathe the air of old times into your landscaping. Of course, the most natural way for them to age is to leave them unattended for a few years. However, most of you do not have the time to wait for the planters to become worn-down and mossy naturally.

Do not despair. There is a low-cost way of adding some character to your concrete planters. You will simply need to use a mixture occasionally used by artists who want to make moss graffiti. To make it, mix together some buttermilk and moss. Then, add some water as well, as it will help moss grow faster.

Thanks to this mixture, your concrete containers will soon become everyone’s favorite feature in your garden. But, let’s discuss a few things before you start working on this project.

Things You Are Going to Need

We already mentioned that you will need to make the moss mixture yourself. These are the things you will need:
Some moss
¼ to ½ cup of buttermilk
Between 1 and 3 cups of water
A blender
A paintbrush
Some plastic wrap

The Process of Aging Concrete Planters

After you have gathered everything you need for the moss mixture, it is time to get down to business. Follow these steps for the best results.

Get the moss.

First of all, there are two ways to obtain the moss you need for this project. You can either gather it from your own garden or find it on your friend’s property. Alternatively, you can buy packaged moss spores.

Clean the moss.

Make sure that the moss is free of any debris or dirt, especially if you picked it yourself. If needed, you can run the moss pieces under a very light stream of tap water.

Pull the moss apart.

Try to break it into as many small pieces as you can.

Mix the ingredients.

Take the blender, and add the moss, water, and buttermilk into it. Make sure you blend everything long enough to get a thick mixture. You can adjust the amount of water and buttermilk based on your own judgment. The more planters you are going to cover, the larger the amount of ingredients you will need.

Paint the concrete planters.

Apply heavy layers of the moss mixture on each of the planters’ outside. Pay special attention to the etched and cracked areas, as they will absorb the mixture faster. Finally, do not paint the inside of the planters unless you plan to leave them empty and use them as decoration only.

Wrap the planters tightly.

The moisture helps moss grow, so you need to ensure that the mixture does not dry too quickly. Use the plastic wrap to sort of bandage the planters tightly, or secure plastic bags over them.

Leave the planters in the shade.

The planters will need to sit wrapped in the outdoors for a few days. However, make sure they are in the shade during that period. You should check on them occasionally, in order to make sure the mixture is still damp. You might have to apply some more mixture or spritz with water in some areas. Either way, make sure you rewrap the planters properly every time you check on them. Keep in mind that it can take up to several weeks to achieve the desired look.

Plant some flowers.

Once the moss mixture starts growing, you are free to plant flowers or herbs in the planters. The water that you will use for the plants will enhance moss growth as well.

Keep everything in the shade.

Make sure that the moss-covered planters are in the shade and always moist.

A Few Extra Tips

You can use yogurt or beer instead of buttermilk.
To ensure the mixture stays moist, add water-retention gel to it. It will help the mixture stick to the concrete better.
For additional charm, think about ageing other things around your property – statues, areas between stepping stones, etc.
Consider making your own moss graffiti.

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