How To Clean Concrete Statues [The Easy & Cheap Way]

How To Clean Concrete Statues

Over time, with the rain and wind your concrete ornament will get dirty. It happens! There is no way around it unless you keep it inside. But we know they’re not meant for that. So, I’m gonna tell you how I clean my own statues that we have in our yard here. It’s not fancy or some kind of special”insider’s secret”. In fact, the simplicity of it might surprise you!

Your gonna need a bucket, rag and dish soap. That’s all we ever used to get the dirt grime off our concrete statues. You need a bucket of water mixed with dish soap and a rag. Scrub the dirt off and then rinse the statue off with a hose.

If you want, after it dries, you can put a coat of sealer on it to restore its shine. If the paint is chipping you might want to take a different approach other than cleaning it. I’d get a paint remover and take the paint off the statue. Because it’ll only get worse. I have an article on how to do that, you can read it here, How To Remove Paint From Concrete Statue and from there you just repaint it. And if you’re wondering if I have an article on how to paint a concrete statue the right way. You’re in luck because I do! You can check that out here, Paint Concrete Statues.

Can You Paint Over Top Of a Sealer

If your paint is fading and you want to recoat it to liven it back up, you can. I painted over top of sealed statues many times, never had any problems because of it. Just make sure to seal the new coat of paint after you’re done and your statue will be fine. Nothing to worry about there.


Cleaning your statue is simple. Don’t overthink it or over research different ways of doing it. A lot of the info online about concrete statues isn’t accurate. “Simple is best” my grandfather would always say, to this day I can’t disagree with that wisdom! Feel free to look around the site and learn about statue making. I cover it from the beginning of the process to the end. Enjoy!

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