How To Remove Paint From Concrete [Everything You Need To Know]

How To Remove Paint From Concrete

Concrete is without a doubt one of the most durable and versatile construction materials available. It can be used for a variety of tasks and projects. You can use it to construct a patio, a wall, a pillar, or even a statue if you want. Due to its inexpensive and low-maintenance properties, homeowners and builders all around the world are taking advantage of everything that concrete has to offer. That being said, when concrete becomes stained with paint, it can be quite the endeavor to remove it. However, with the right techniques and know-how, you can efficiently and efficiently remove those unwanted paint stains.

Remove Paint From Concrete Statue

How To Remove Paint From Concrete Statue? Well, Over time the paint job on your concrete statue could become faded or chipped or blistered from years in the hot summer sun or because it wasn’t properly base coated and sealed, That’ll lead to problems too, that can easily be avoided. The best way to remove paint from a concrete statue is by sandblasting it. That will remove paint clear down to the concrete. Problem is, sandblasters are a little expensive. Unless your planning on doing a big bunch of statues, this probably isn’t the most economical way to go about it.

Another way that you could remove paint from a concrete statue is using paint remover. I recommend this paint remover. Goof Off FG653 Professional Strength Remover, Pourable 16-Ounce (Link To Amazon)You apply the paint remover on the paint you want to remove and let it sit awhile and then use a scrub brush or a wire brush (I personally would use a wire brush, you can get them on Amazon here, wire brush (link to Amazon), especially if it’s latex paint you’re trying to take off) to get the paint off. Whatever paint is left after the first time around you can remove after the concrete statue is dry by repeating the first step, it will eventually come off.  That’s How To Remove Paint From Concrete Statue.

If your not a fan of working with chemicals (like me) you can use Soy-Gel. It’s made from soybeans and works well too.  You can check it out on Amazon here, Soy-GelJust apply it to the paint and cover it with a plastic bag for a few hours and then scrape the paint off.

Removing Latex Paint From Concrete

Latex paint is a water-based paint, so it is much easier to remove from concrete than oil-based. However, this doesn’t mean that the task will be completely tireless. In fact, the whole process might require several cleanings, but you should eventually be able to get the entire area paint free. First, if the paint is still fresh you want to utilize some old junk towels or newspapers and wipe up as much of the paint as possible. Now, you want to mix one scoop of detergent with water in a bucket and create a soapy mixture. Apply the mixture to the paint and use a scrub brush to cleanse the area. Rinse the area with water and give it about thirty minutes to dry.

Utilizing a scraper or razor blade you can now scrape the remaining dry paint away. Most of the paint should come off, but in the event that it doesn’t, you might have to use a paint remover and a scrub brush to entirely cleanse the area.

Remove Oil-Based Paint From Concrete

Unfortunately, removing oil-based paint from concrete is a bit more troublesome and can take more time. However, it is still entirely possible to successfully accomplish the task. You want to begin by blotting as much of the paint as possible with old scarp towels or newspapers. Don’t wipe, as this will just spread the paint! You will now want to apply some kind of absorbents like kitty litter or sawdust and let it soak for three days before moving on.

After three days, sweep up the absorbent materials, and discard it. You are now going to create a creamy paste with paint stripper and your absorbent material. Once you have a creamy consistency to the paste just apply it to the area and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes. Now, you should be able to scrape up the paint with a scraper. If this doesn’t remove the stain you might have to utilize a pressure washer to remove what it left or complete the above steps until you are paint free.

Remove Spray Paint From Concrete

The cheapest and most effective way to remove spray paint from a concrete structure or surface is by utilizing a product known as Trisodium Phosphate (TSP). TSP can be purchased from any hardware store in a powder form and mixing it with hot water creates an effective solution that will eliminate unwanted spray paint stains. Just keep in mind that TSP is a very hazardous cleaner and you should take extreme caution when working with it. Wear rubber gloves, a respirator, and safety goggles at all times when you are working with TSP or any cleaning chemicals.

All you have to do is get a 5-gallon bucket, pour in your TSP powder, and mix it with extremely hot water. Use a stirring stick or some kind of device to disperse the TSP powder throughout the water. Once your mixture is ready just pour a little on the spray paint stain, let it stand there five minutes and use a hard bristled brush to scrub away the stain the stain. The process might take several scrubbings and circular scrubbing motions will be more effective. Be sure to effectively rinse the area with water once you are doing with the cleaning process.

How To Remove Paint From Resin Statues

This is a different kind of beast from a concrete statue. This is going to require chemicals also, so you must be a little careful here. You’re going to need a degreaser, so you can submerge your resin statue in it for 24 hours. After the 24 hours of being in a degreaser, use a toothbrush to take off the paint. If you have stubborn paint that doesn’t want to come off, just repeat the process till it does or you could try spraying oven cleaner on the resin statue and sealing it in a plastic bag. Leave it to sit for an hour or so and then try an scrub off the paint with a toothbrush.


Concrete is a beautiful and long-lasting material, but it is entirely susceptible to paint stains. Sure, removing those unwanted paint stains can be quite the hassle, but with the above steps, the process is entirely possible. Completing the removal process on your own will save you the hassle and money of hiring a professional cleaning company.


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