Statue Painting Techniques: [Only The Best]

Statue Painting Techniques

Painted concrete statues will get you more money than unpainted. Concrete lawn ornaments in their natural gray color can be very attractive. Bird Baths, flower pots and patio stones to name a few look very nice in their natural colors. Never use spray paint, it never lasts, in my experience.

Dry brushing is my favorite way to paint a statue. It brings out the detail very nicely and makes it eye-catching. First, you put on your base coat, as I described above, and let it dry, which won’t take long at all because it absorbed into the concrete.

There is gonna be spots on the statue that look dark grey afterward and that’s fine, those spots will be covered up after the next step. I usually use black for my base coat and dry brush overtop using a medium grey color. It gives the piece an aged or a stone look finish.

Antiquing Concrete Statues Made Easy

First things, first. This is how I was taught to antique. Later I learned there are a few different ways to do it, But I’ll just share the way I was taught because I never personally tried the other ways. My way works well, so without further ado.

First thing I do is base coat the statue I’m antiquing with a black watered down flat exterior latex paint ( color of the base coat isn’t important for this, I just like black) and let dry and paint over it with a brighter shade of gray. Then I let that dry. Now the “messy” part.

Take a watered down black acrylic latex paint and paint the whole statue a solid black Got to be somewhat quick about, you don’t want it to dry, Then take an old rag and wipe the black paint off to your desired taste. When that is dry, put your sealer on and then it is done.


antiquing concrete statues
Black Base Coat
antiquing concrete statues
Painted Bright Gray
antiquing concrete statues
Finished Piece

The finished piece picture has a clear enamel spray on it, that is why it looks shiny. You don’t have to use a bright grey like I did. Also, you can use any color you want, I think it looks better with a bright grey color. You can paint the ornament in full detail or antique it the same way I showed you, that will work too.

Antiquing Ideas

There are different ways of antiquing or faux painting your statutes. I’ve heard and read about people using moss and buttermilk, they put the moss in a blender and mix it with buttermilk and put in on their statue and put the statue outside in the shade for 2 weeks till the moss starts growing.

I have no idea if it works, I never tried it, sounds interesting though.  Antiquing concrete statues is not that hard and does not take long at all and it looks great to boot.

How To Dry Brush A Statue

After your base coat has been applied and dried, its time to dry brush your statue. To do that, you dip your brush in the color you want to use and then get as much of that paint off the brush as possible, usually by wiping it back an forth on an old towel, you can use a piece of cardboard or even a piece of wood both work fine, then take your brush and go in a dusting motion back and forth over your statue till your done. If the paint barely comes off the brush, dip an wipe it off again.

Here is an example of a “stone” finish. It took me all of 5 minutes from basecoat to sealing it. It was a quick paint job and it looks really nice. That is by far my favorite painting technique for concrete statues.

Here is a video example of how to paint a concrete statue quickly by dry brushing it.

He made it look easy and after you do it a few times it becomes second nature. Practice makes perfect!

Here is an example of painting a concrete statue with a sponge. Pretty neat huh?

Sponge Painting Examples

You can also paint in full color. This takes the longest but brings in the most money if you’re selling your statues. An example would look like this little toadstool I painted.

What Kind Of Paint To Use On Concrete Statues
Concrete toadstool

This way of painting will take a little bit of time to master. it’s almost like a color book, you gotta stay within the lines. Eyes are the toughest thing to paint on a statue. But with practice, you’ll be a pro in no time. Remember to use only latex flat exterior paints and clear enamel sealer and your statue will last a long time.


Those are my favorite ways of painting concrete statues. There are other ways of doing it but I never tried them personally. Feel free to click around the site, there is a lot of information about concrete statues, how to make them and paint them.


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