Top 6 Most Popular Concrete Garden Ornaments Of All Time.

Top 6 Most Popular Concrete Garden Ornaments Of All Time.

Concrete Lawn And Garden Ornaments

People have been decorating their lawns, well, since there were lawns. Concrete lawn ornaments started becoming popular back in the 1960’s but, sadly, it’s been fading out in recent years. Mostly because of the cheaply made resin ornaments from China and a poor economy hurt a lot too.

In this list of the 6 most popular lawn ornaments, you’ll find the top designs of concrete statues that been in (most likely) your yard and your parents and grandparents yards over the years. I’m sure you either have them or know somebody that does!

Here is my list of the 6 most popular concrete garden ornament of all time.

6.Toad Stool

A toadstool is a mushroom, why is a toadstool called a toadstool? My guess is because it looks like a place a toad would sit on 🙂 Often times, I hear people say its called that because it’s a poisonous mushroom and people believe toads are poisonous so they just put 1&1 together. If its true, I don’t know. Sounds good though.

A lot of these “toadstools” are painted in a solid color with different colored spots on them. The most popular design is a red top with white round spots. Guess that would be the poisonous look.

5. Lawn Jockey

A lot of folks deem the lawn jockey as racist and it’s easy to see why. It’s been said that these type statues helped guide the slaves using the underground railroad. By using different colored ribbons tied to the statue. Red meaning it wasn’t safe and green indicating safety. Betcha you didn’t know that!

4. Fishing Boy

The fishing boy is a popular statue for docks. Most of the fishing boy statues are holding a fishing rod(without a reel) or a stick with a string with a bobber on it. The ones I make, I also add a weight or a sinker to the end of the fishing line.

3. Deer

This can easily be number 1. almost everybody with a yard has deer in them. Real and unreal alike.

There are many different type deer statues, from standing or laying to bucks and does and even little baby fawns. They go great in a mulch bed around a tree.


These little guys have been around since 19th-century. Typically always wearing red hats. They started in Germany and becoming popular in the U.S in the 1930s because of snow white and the 7 dwarfs. According to Wikipedia, In 2008, its estimated that there are 25 million gnomes in Germany. Wowza!!

1.Bird Bath

The first known bird baths were simple depressions in the ground. The first bird bath as we know them was made by a UK garden design company Pulman & Sons in the 1840s. The simplest ideas are the best ones!


There you have it, my list of the 6 most popular concrete yard ornaments of all-time. Feel free to comment below what you feel is the most popular yard ornaments are.




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