How To Winterize Concrete Statues [So They Last]

How To Winterize Concrete Statues

There are 2 ways I know of to do this. First one is, is take them inside and out of the elements till winter is over. Or, you could set them on top of stone or another concrete surface. The general idea is to keep them out of the water, so when the water freezes it doesn’t crack the concrete or ruin the paint.

Winterizing Concrete Bird Baths & Fountains

These type ornaments are treated a little bit differently. Basically, you can’t use them during winter time because of the water sitting in them. The water will freeze and thaw continuously throughout the winter and end up cracking your concrete and chipping your paint. You don’t want that. Concrete ornament are usually expensive, so taking proper care of them is important.

Concrete Statue Care

Sealing your statues from year to year is a good practice to have. That will help the longevity of your statue and its paint. Using a waterproof, UV resistant sealer will protect it from the sun and rain. I recommend this one from Rainguard RainGuard High Gloss Sealer ( Link To Amazon) It gets the job done and its high gloss. That means it’ll not only protect the paint on the statue but makes it shiny and stand out.

You should also put your concrete ornament on well-drained ground or on top of much. That will also help out in the long run. The bottom of most statues are not sealed and because of that the concrete will absorb the water and that might lead to problems down the road. And no, don’t seal the bottom of the ornament yourself, the concrete has to “breath”


Using the care tips above your statues should last a very long time (if they were painted right) If you would like to learn about how to properly paint your statues, check out this guide, Painting Concrete Statues. So, there you have it, I hope I was able to help you out.

Feel free to look around the site, I have guides on everything related to making and painting concrete statues!

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